Wiam and Myriam Come Back for a Double Torture

Wiam and Myriam Come Back for a Double Torture


This is an EPIC tickling clip in which Wiam and Myriam get tickled for almost 35 minutes. Both of these attractive ladies are ticklish all over and they get tickled pretty much every way possible in this clip. The video includes nylon foot tickling, barefoot tickling, upper body tickling, face up tickling, face down tickling, and an array of tickle tools. Wiam and Myriam are bound side by side on a massage table and their journey to tickle hell begins almost immediately with some nylon foot tickling. The tickler works his way from their feet to their upper bodies and back down to their feet. He goes between foot tickling to upper body and leg/thigh tickling as he finds any and every ticklish spot on Myriam and Wiam’s bodies.

I love Myriam and Wiam’s reactions to the tickling.  Myriam giggles throughout the clip. She giggles in anticipation of tickling, giggles while Wiam is being tickled and explodes with laughter when she actually gets tickled. Wiam whoops, cries out, laughs out loud and snorts when it’s her turn for tickling. Wiam’s reactions are the most fun because they are so varied. Meanwhile, poor Myriam is driven into fits of sustained uncontrollable laughter.

At one point, I almost felt sorry for Myriam when the tickler masterfully trapped an electric toothbrush in her pantyhose for continuous tickling of her thighs, abdomen and buttocks. Myriam laughs and shakes but cannot dislodge the electric toothbrush from its position. The tickler allows the brush to torment Myriam while he goes to work tickle torturing Wiam.

This video features excellent sound quality and clear images. The bondage is loose enough that the ladies can twist, squirm and hopelessly try to cover their feet but tight enough that Wiam and Myriam cannot escape. The only negatives that I see in this clip are that we don’t get to see enough of Myriam and Wiam’s faces and Wiam’s hose are very opaque. Most of the video keeps their soles in the forefront and you can only see their faces when they raise their heads off of the table and later when a camera is positioned closer to their faces.

Overall, these two models are a tickler’s dream and the tickler takes full advantage of having Myriam and Wiam bound and at his mercy. An outstanding video!

Wiam and Myriam Come Back for a Double Torture


True to Preview and description








Image and sound quality



  • Two absolutely beautiful ticklees
  • Fantastic array of tickling techniques
  • Great reactions from both of the ticklees
  • Lovely barefeet


  • Limited views of the ticklees's faces
  • One model wears opaque nylons in the first half of the video
  • French language spoken without subtitles

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10 days ago

coucou trés bon clip j’ais adoré l’ensemble , surtout quand vous jouez avec leurs pieds

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