Ticklish Business Woman Isabelle’s First Time In The Stocks

Ticklish Business Woman Isabelle’s First Time In The Stocks


This video features a new ticklee Isabelle and she gets a thorough introduction to tickling. Isabelle is beautiful woman with a pleasant smile and pretty feet. Even before the first finger strokes her ticklish foot, Isabelle is smiling in anticipation of what’s to come. She is restrained in foot stocks with her wrists secured above her head throughout this 16 minute tickling video.

Fortunately for viewers, Isabelle really can’t escape and is at the mercy of her male tickle torturer. The video begins with probing for her ticklish spots and Isabelle proves to be ticklish all over. I love her initial reactions to the tickling. She smiles and tries to hold in her laughter. However, she has a way of arching her back and trying to withdraw her foot that tells us that she feels ticklish sensations almost like electric shocks.

Despite her best efforts to remain reserved and resist the ticklish sensations, laughs and giggles start to burst out of Isabelle as she is probed. Once the tickler identifies her most ticklish spots, Isabelle really can’t control her laughter. At that point, she bucks, twists and her feet start to dance in the stocks.

After the probing is complete, Isabelle is subjected to sustained tickle torture with fingers, brushes, and lotion. This video features a good balance of upper body, nylon foot tickling and barefoot tickling. As always, UK Tickling does a solid job of offering high quality video with different views of the tickling action.  Isabelle has a pleasant laugh and is not over the top or hysterical in her response to tickling. For me, she was a near perfect ticklee and I hope to see more of her in future UK Tickling videos.

Ticklish Business Woman Isabelle's First Time In The Stocks


True to Preview and description








Image and sound quality



  • Beautiful and Ticklish Ticklee
  • Well balanced video with a combination of upper body, nylon tickling and barefoot tickling
  • Solid bondage and restraints
  • Nice pleasant laugh and great reactions to the tickling


  • The ticklee's outfit was a little too conservative.

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