Tickle Time Part 1

Tickle Time Part 1


This is a solid tickling video from CosquillAzteca. It features on of my favorite ticklees Ms. Laura Olivares.  The video is shot in such a way that it essentially offers a first person point of view throughout the video. It begins with Ms. Laura laying on her abdomen and teasing viewers with her nyloned legs and feet. She is inviting viewers to imagine tickling her. After about 1 minute, the teasing stops and Laura finds herself bound underneath a coffee table. Her wrists are cuffed behind her back and her feet are cuffed to the legs of the table. The male tickler, Manfred Vonred, takes a comfortable seat on the coffee table and begins to tickle her feet with a feather attached to a flosser. Laura has a geniune hearty laugh and is very sensitive and ticklish. Her feet flex, twist and dance but can’t escape the tickling. Laura laughs and screams out as Manfred tickles her for a solid  7 minutes.

Next, Laura’s barefeet get tickled with an electric toothbrush. He nylons are gradually removed and Manfred tickles every centimeter of her feet especially underneath her toes. He spends more time on her left foot than the right foot in this clip. Poor Laura laughs continuously as she gets a thorough foot tickling.

Overall, Laura makes this an enjoyable video. Her laughter is music to my ears. The unfortunate part of the video is that she is positioned in such a way that viewers don’t get to see her smiling laughing face in this video.  We don’t get to see her face at all. It would have been great to have had a second camera to capture her facial expressions. Also we miss out watching her body squirm and twist from the foot tickling since she’s underneath a table. Lastly, this video is exclusively foot tickling. There is no side, thigh, back of the leg or armpit tickling. It is 100% foot tickling.

Tickle Time Part 1


True to Preview and description


Image Quality







  • Excellent ticklee
  • Nice restraints
  • Lovely laugh throughout the video


  • Limited to foot tickling
  • Unable to see the ticklee's facial expressions to the tickle torture
  • Unable to see the body reacting to the foot tickling.

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