Isabella’s Nylon Hell “Soles Up and Hyper Ticklish Toes”

Isabella’s Nylon Hell “Soles Up and Hyper Ticklish Toes”


The Tickle Room video clips feature travelling fetish models and curious girls next door getting tickled to their limits. This video features amateur Isabella bound to a massage table with her soles elevated in front of the camera. Her pretty soles look pretty tempting in sheer black nylons. The tickler Matt wastes no time and starts to tickle Isabella with his fingers. She is very ticklish on her soles and toes. Her ankles are bound together and poor Isabella is unable to escape her ticklish fate. She tries to resist laughing by breathing and puffing as if she were working out. Her efforts are futile and she finds herself giggling and laughing within seconds. Her feet try to dance away from Matt’s fingers but that doesn’t work either. Her feet shift and flex constantly throughout the tickling. You can hear the nylons rubbing together as her feet dance from the tickling. This is a nylon tickler’s dream.

Isabella’s toes are particularly ticklish. About 4-5 minutes into the clip, Matt asks who has ticklish toes as he tickles her continuously. She tries to resist answering but in less than 1 minute she is tickled into submission. She reluctantly answers and is rewarded with an intense tickling with a hairbrush. Matt gets her pretty good throughout the video. Towards the end of the video, he uses a shoelace to go in between her toes. This causes her to genuinely laugh and giggle. It’s both fun and beautiful.

The only disappointing part of this video is Isabella is bound in such a way that she is vulnerable to side and armpit tickling. Unfortunately, she is not ticklish on her waist, sides or armpits. Her ticklish feet more than make up for the lack of ticklishness in her upper body. She is a foot tickler’s dream. I highly recommend this video to fans of genuinely ticklish women and nylon feet.

Isabella's Nylon Hell "Soles Up and Hyper Ticklish Toes"


True to Preview and description


Image Quality







  • Very ticklish ticklee with a nice laugh
  • Pretty Nyloned Feet
  • Creative Tickling Techniques


  • Not ticklish on the upperbody
  • Only nylon feet tickling
  • Masked ticklee

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