The Puerto Rican Princess “Masked Isabella’s Revenge”

The Puerto Rican Princess “Masked Isabella’s Revenge”


This clip is essentially an extended tickle test for a new Tickle Room model named “Puerto Rican feet.” Ms. Puerto Rican feet is a Plus Sized model with a beautiful smile and dimples.  After a brief interview in which she is asked about her most ticklish body parts and her previous experiences with tickling, Matt removes Ms. Puerto Rican feet’s shoes and socks to reveal some pretty soft looking, well groomed, pedicured feet. She gets a brief tickle test and then gets restrained for more intense tickling. From the tickle test, it’s clear that she is ticklish on her feet and explosively ticklish on her upper body. She did not appear to be ticklish on her thighs. The interview and tickle test last about 2 minutes.

In the next phase of the video, Ms. Puerto Rican feet is bound to a wooden chair with her toes tied to supporting rails of the back of the chair. The male tickler, Matt, wastes no time and quickly applies some lotion to both of her feet and starts to tickle her right foot with his fingers and invites masked Isabella to tickle her left foot. Ms. Puerto Rican feet immediately throws her head back with laughter. She has a great laugh. Matt is clearly the better tickler and it looks like Isabella is only lightly ticking her friend. Matt coaches on better technique throughout the video. After some brief tickling with lotion, baby oil is applied to Ms. Puerto Rican feet’s soles. Again she laughs and throws her head back. Then Matt and Isabella tickle her feet with hairbrushes. Once again, it’s obvious that Isabella is only lightly tickling the model while Matt is probably responsible for getting most of the laughter out of Ms. Puerto Rican feet. The model makes some fun facial expressions as Isabella improves her technique while both she and Matt tickle her feet with hairbrushes.

About 4 minutes 15 seconds into the video, Matt shifts to a position behind the model to tickle her upperbody while Isabella continues to tickle her feet with two hairbrushes. Ms. Puerto Rican feet continues to giggle from the foot tickling while Matt shifts into position. Once ready, Matt sends Ms. Puerto Rican feet into orbit when he tickles her armpits and sides. She explodes with laughter and screams from the upperbody tickling. Here she loses control, bucks and twists to try to get out of the tickling. Unfortunately, her wrists and arms are not restrained so she can twist out of some of the tickling. After the upperbody tickling, Matt and Isabella finish her off with a final dose of hairbrush tickling.

Ms. Puerto Rican feet gets tickled for about 5 minutes in this video and is out of breath by the end of the video. Hopefully she will return for a longer tickling video. Overall, this is a fun and enjoyable video especially when the upperbody tickling starts.

The Puerto Rican Princess "Masked Isabella's Revenge"


True to Preview and description








Image and sound quality



  • Ticklee has a great laugh and a beautiful smile
  • Explosively ticklish armpits
  • Beautiful well groomed soles and toes


  • Isabella the female tickler is an amateur tickler
  • Lack of restraints for the wrists/upperbody
  • The ticklee is not ticklish on her thighs

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