Super Ticklish Siobhan’s First Time in the Stocks

Super Ticklish Siobhan’s First Time in the Stocks


This video from UK Tickling introduces us to a beautiful ticklish model Siobhan Graves and allows viewers to enjoy watching her get tickled from from the soles of her feet to upperbody and back down again repeatedly. Siobhan is a beauty with a nice laugh who is ticklish pretty much everywhere. The tickler works her over pretty good and goes up and down her body like a pianist playing scales on a grand piano.

She receives a thorough tickling that includes her armpits, sides, thighs, back of her legs, nyloned feet and bare feet.  As a bonus, the tickler starts to strip her of her clothes around the 8 minute mark and she gets tickled while topless for about half of the video. Siobhan squirms and laughs throughout the video and is left disheveled and sweaty by the end of the video.

Siobhan starts stretched out with her feet locked in a set of stocks and her arms cuffed over her head. The tickler begins by tickling the sides of her feet while she is wearing open toe heeled sandals. Soon her shoes are removed and the tickler has full access to her stockinged feet. She is ticklish from heel to toe and has nice reactions to the tickling. She tries to talk while getting tickled but has difficulty completing her sentences as she interrupts herself with outburst of laughter. Her arches and the area underneath her toes seem to be more sensitive to tickling.

The tickler shifts to her upper body about 1 minute and 55 seconds into the video. He is exploring Siobhan’s bound body for other ticklish areas and strikes gold with her armpits. She bucks and her whole body twists as she is tickled on her upper body. It’s nice watching her feet twist in the stocks while she gets tickled on her armpits, sides and thighs. After a quick exploration, it’s back to her nyloned feet for a more intense tickling. At times, she is tickled into silent laughter as she jumps with ticklish sensations. She gets it with fingers and a hair brush.  The tickler then goes back to the upper body. At this point, you can see a hint of sweat glistening on her forehead and her underarms and her hair is becoming a mess.

After a good upperbody tickling, the tickler returns to work on her nyloned feet with an electric toothbrush and hair brush. Siobhan is a complete mess at this point. Fortunately, there is more in store for her. Around the 12 minute mark, her hose is ripped open to expose her pretty bare feet. She gets tickled with a hairbrush, electric toothbrush and a feather for about two minutes before being finished off with some upper body tickling.

Overall, this is a top notch tickling video. Siobhan is an attractive and as described genuinely super ticklish ticklee. The camera is able to provide close up views of her feet and upper body getting tickled but never loses sight of her smiling, laughing face. The restraints keep her from getting away from our tickler and he does a good job of tickling her until she is a mess.


This is great video to add to the collection. Well Done! Bravo Siobhan and we hope that she returns for more.

Super Ticklish Siobhan's First Time in the Stocks


True to Preview and description








Image and sound quality



  • Beautiful and Ticklish Ticklee
  • Thorough Tickler
  • Nice camera angles


  • Missed opportunity to apply oil or lotion to her barefeet while tickling the model

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