Stephanie’s Intense Nylon to Bare

Stephanie’s Intense Nylon to Bare


I really like this video. Matt takes Stephanie on a 30 minute journey through tickle hell. She has that girl next door vibe. I love how she starts the video with nicely done make up and hair and ends a disheveled mess with shredded pantyhose, topless, blindfolded, messed up hair and exhausted.  Stephanie is genuinely ticklish all over but is more ticklish in her upper body than her feet. Matt is a skilled tickler that exploits her sensitive spots.

The video begins with Stephanie bound on a massage table with her wrists cuffed and secured above her head, ankles spread apart and roped down. She is wearing nude pantyhose, no skirt, an easily removable bikini top, bra and that’s it. The bondage is simple but deceptively effective. Stephanie is unable to shield one foot with the other or squirm away from the tickling. The best that she can do curl her toes and try to twist her ankles.

She is really unable to avoid Matt’s fingers or tickling tools for the entire ordeal.  Less than 1 minute into the video she realizes that she can’t move. Initially, she tries to hold in the laughter and gives us a nice smile, some twisting/dancing feet and squeals.  About 1 minute 30 seconds into the video, Matt won’t have any of that and follows through on a promise to tickle her upper body if she can’t keep her feet still.

Stephanie quickly loses control and can’t hold in her giggles as Matt tickles her armpits and sides. He positions himself underneath the massage table so viewers can clearly see all of Stephanie’s reactions to the tickling. Stephanie laughs, throws her head back and squeals. About 5 minutes 30 seconds into the video her bra his slipped up and her breasts are exposed for tickling. By 6 minutes, she is tickled into complete submission and tells Matt that she loves tickling and tells him to do whatever he wants. He then returns to feet and tickles her with his fingers and brushes for about the next 7 minutes. Stephanie is becoming a mess at this point.

Matt tries to give her a ticklegasm by using a Hitachi vibrator on her around the 14 minute mark. He continues to tickle her upperbody and feet while using the vibrator. The vibrator appears to tickle her inner thighs more than arouse her. Stephanie giggles and squeals throughout this portion. Around 16 minute 30 second mark, Matt rips open her hose and exposes what look to be deliciously soft feet. He continues his tickle assault and he even lickles her while the vibrator is positioned between her legs. Stephanie laughs continuously and bucks but can’t move or get free.

Around the 20 minute mark, Stephanie is blindfolded after having lotion applied to her bare feet. Another massager is used on her feet and Stephanie laughs uncontrollably. Around the 25 minute mark, Matt returns to trying to vibe Stephanie to orgasm. She appears more aroused this time around but continues to giggle from some ticklish sensations. Realizing that Stephanie probably won’t have an orgasm from the vibrator, Matt returns to tickling her to finish off the video.

Stephanie really gets it in this 30 minute video. A great ticklee and masterful tickler. There’s not much wasted time with the video either. What more could a viewer want? It’s an A+

Stephanie's Intense Nylon to Bare


True to Preview and description








Image and sound quality



  • Genuinely ticklish ticklee
  • Variety of tickle tools and techniques
  • Nice camera angle
  • Nice simple bondage restraints
  • Topless ticklee


  • Unfortunately, the ticklee does not appear to be aroused by the vibrator
  • Limited to one position in the video - although quite effective.

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