Rhaysa in too strong too ticklish

Rhaysa in too strong too ticklish


This video features a beautiful Brazilian woman named Rhaysa and a male tickler. The video begins with Rhaysa laying face up on a bed with her nyloned soles facing towards the camera. She smiles toward the camera as she anticipates the tickling that’s coming. The tickler has tried to secure her with bonds around her ankles, 2 sets around her calves, and one just above her knees. With a few slight strokes, Rhaysa is laughing and squirming to get away from the tickler. She quickly proves that she is too much for him to handle. Despite the bonds, she is able to twist her ankles and pull her feet away from him.

About 45 seconds into the video, the tickler abandons this position and cuts to her being face down soles up. The tickler tries to keep in her bound feet in position by placing one leg on top of her legs. Again she to be too much for him. Rhaysa is able to twist her ankles and curl her thighs. She pulls away from the tickler repeatedly despite his efforts to keep her still for sustained tickling. After a few seconds, the tickler places both of his legs across her legs and does a better job of keeping her soles in position for some sustained tickling. Rhaysa has a deep hearty laugh and continues to try to escape.

Finally, the weight of our tickler keeps Rhaysa’s feet trapped. It’s fun to see her curvy bottom buck and twist as she tries to get away. Here the slightest touch causes her to laugh and you can hear her breathing heavily in between ticklish strokes of her feet. In addition to bucking, Rhaysa tries unsuccessfully to bury her toes into the bed. Around the 2:45 mark, her right stocking is ripped open for some barefoot tickling.

This causes even more explosive laughter from Rhaysa. We see that she has pretty feet but the tickler seems to have become intimidated by all of her jumping and bucking. He only lightly strokes her super ticklish feet for the next minute and then gives her lengthy breaks as he uses different tickle tools on her like a stiff feather, paint brush and miniature hair brush. She continues to buck and pull away from the tickler throughout most of the video.

Around the 9:20 mark, she bucks so forcefully that she is able to pull her feet up underneath the tickler’s legs. In the final 10 seconds, the tickler finally takes charge of the situation and grabs one foot for intense, aggressive tickling. Poor Rhaysa laughs uncontrollably and almost falls out of the bed.

Rhaysa is an awesome ticklee with a great hearty laugh. I’m disappointed that the tickler spared her upperbody, back of her thighs and hips. The bondage was clearly weak and insufficient and the tickler really could not keep a good grasp on her feet. With the way that she was bucking and moving her ass around, I’m surprised that the tickler resisted giving her a few spanks for moving too much. Also the tickler did not do much sustained tickling in this video. It seemed like there were several missed opportunities to make this a much better tickling video.

Rhaysa in too strong too ticklish


True to Preview and description








Image and sound quality



  • Beautiful ticklee
  • Nice hearty laugh
  • Great views of feet and soles


  • weak bondage
  • The video quality and lighting is not as good as most HD videos
  • No upperbody, side or thigh tickling/ Foot tickling only
  • Only a few periods of sustained tickle torture

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