Kendra Allure tickle tormented by Tylee Texas

Kendra Allure tickle tormented by Tylee Texas


Kendra Allure is a tickler’s fantasy.  Kendra is a tall 6 foot 1 inch former basketball player who has become a model. She is also ticklish from head to toe and has explosive laughter when she’s tickled or touched in the right spots.  Kendra even has a tattoo on her side that reads Laugh More Cry Less. In this 11 minute video, Kendra gets a full body tickling from a beautiful petite strawberry blonde named Tylee Texas. There is brief setup in which Kendra Allure plays a local politician who is campaigning for mayor. She is going door-to-door and disrupts the rest of a very tired neighbor, Tylee. Soon Kendra finds herself secured in a tickle chair and at the mercy of Tylee Texas.

Kendra’s big nyloned feet are locked in foot stocks and her wrists are cuffed above her head. Once Kendra is helplessly secured in the stocks, Tylee begins by tickling her stockinged feet. Kendra laughs and pleads as Tylee tickles her with her fingers and then a brush. Tylee has some nice manicured fingernails that prove to be perfect instruments of tickle torture for Kendra. Soon, Kendra is jerking and squirming from the ticklish sensations.

After a few minutes of nyloned foot tickling, Tylee starts to target Kendra’s upperbody and thighs. Kendra is even more ticklish on her upperbody. She shifts and slides around in the tickle chair but can’t escape. Tylee appears to be shocked and amused by the ticklishness and sensitivity of Kendra. Although Tylee seems like a fairly novice tickler, she doesn’t mess around and gives Kendra a pretty thorough tickling with few interruptions. By the middle of the upperbody tickling, Kendra’s braids which started out neatly tied into a bun have fallen down.

Tylee finishes Kendra’s tickle torment with some barefoot tickling. By the end of the video, Kendra is laughing and gasping for air. Tylee tickles Kendra to exhaustion and has her begging for mercy.

This is a high quality tickling video with a fantastic ticklee. The description of the video really doesn’t capture how great it is to see Kendra tickled thoroughly. Both models are attractive and they prove to be a good pairing in this video. Both models appear to have fun in the video.  Kendra, the tall Amazon, is left completely broken by the petite Tylee Texas by the end of the video.  Ginary and her team produced a classic with this one.

Kendra Allure Tickle Tormented by Tylee Texas


True to Preview and description








Image and sound quality



  • Very ticklish ticklee with a nice laugh
  • Beautiful models
  • High quality video resolution
  • Inescapable bondage


  • Novice tickler - however, she quickly improves

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