To Add a Review


Click “Add a new Blog post” ; Don’t click “edit with elementor”.

The title of the post should be the title of the clip.

Then you have a big field where you can write your review.

Aim for something not too short but not too long either.

Blog categories :

Tick the name of the producer, if it’s not live, “add new category” and add it.

Tags :

Add the name of the models. 

Featured image :

Add the clips image (can be a gif, official still or a screenshot)


Is this a review post? 

Tick yes
You will now be able to add the product name, the clip link

Product option

That’s where you have the notation criteria : 

  • True to Preview and description
  • Image Quality
  • Bondage
  • Ticklee
  • Tickler

Rate each on a scale from 1 to 100. When you publish, the global score will be an average of these rates.

Pros / Cons

You can add pros and cons here, up to 3 of each. 

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