Dellies Nylon Tickle

Dellies Nylon Tickle


Dellie’s Nylon Tickle was filmed several years ago and comes the Tickle Room Vault. Dellie is a cute young lady with beautiful soles and a pretty smile. She is also one of the twins (Nellie and Dellie) that have appeared in previous Tickle Room clips. In this video, she explores nylon tickling with the Tickle Room. Her reactions to the tickling are just about right and not over the top. 

Throughout this all foot tickling video, Matt is able to produce a steady stream of giggles as he introduces various tickle tools. Just when it seems that Dellie is tickled out and no longer responsive to the tickling, Matt gets her with a new instrument. With each new tickle toy, Dellie jerks and tries to withdraw her feet as if she were being shocked with electricity. I enjoy her giggles. It’s really fun to watch her laugh and see her throw her head forward in such a way that she covers her face with her hair at various times in the video.

Dellie is easily overwhelmed by the ticklish sensations. She gets tickled with fingers, brushes and a fine toothed comb. She is  pretty responsive to all of the tickling techniques. By the end of the video, Dellie is sweating lightly and trying various breathing techniques in order to catch her breath. The video finishes with some barefoot tickling and her soles look delicious.

Overall, this is a solid tickling video with a cute ticklee. She has a pretty smile and lovely soles. It is mostly nylon foot tickling and does not feature any upper body tickling. The bondage is basic and effective. Dellie’s ankles are restrained with soft cuffs and her feet are able to withdraw but she can’t get away from the tickling. Despite being an older video, the quality of the matches more current videos. A nice, short clip with a fun ticklee for a quick tickling fix.

Dellies Nylon Tickle


True to Preview and description








Image and sound quality



  • Cute ticklee
  • Beautiful soles
  • Great tickler with a variety of techniques


  • limited to foot tickling
  • Only one barefoot instead of two
  • Missed opportunity to apply oil or lotion to her barefeet while tickling the model

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