Crazy Ticklish Violet’s First Time in the Stocks!

Crazy Ticklish Violet’s First Time in the Stocks!


UK Tickling has blessed us with a wonderful tickling video. In this video, Violet gets a thorough introduction into our tickling fetish. The description describes Violet as friend of a one of UK Tickling’s more ticklish models, Natasha, who decides to explore tickling for herself. The video begins with Violet seated in a reclining chair with her wrists bound above her head and her feet locked in the stocks. Violet is absolutely gorgeous with a beautiful smile and lovely laugh. Even before her heels are removed, we learn that Violet has ticklish feet.

The male tickler starts by tickling the exposed tops of her feet before removing her shoes. She immediately laughs and giggles. The tickler then eagerly removes her shoes in order to tickle her soles and toes. It’s fun to see her toe curl and ankles twist in the stocks. Despite her movements, she can’t get away from the tickler’s busy fingers.  Soon the tickler, finds that the top of her thighs close to her knee are very ticklish. Violet laughs and her feet kick and twist in the stocks as her thigh gets a quick tickling. The tickler then transitions to Violet’s exposed armpits and sides. It appears that she is even more ticklish in her upper body than her feet.

The tickler then proceeds to do a masterful job of going back and forth between her armpits, sides and belly. Violet is surprised by how ticklish she is.  She squirms and twists in the chair. She giggles and at times descends into silent laughter. I think that my favorite moment occurs when the tickler hikes up Violet’s dress to expose the top of pantyhose and tickles an area just above her hips. Her reaction is simply wonderful!

After exploring and tickling her upperbody, the tickler moves back to her feet. He works on her pantyhosed feet with his fingers, an electric toothbrush, and a hairbrush. Eventually, Violet’s hose is torn open to expose her barefeet. Her ticklish feet are tormented again with fingers, the hair brush, a feather and an electric toothbrush. It seems that she is even more reactive to the electric toothbrush. It’s a great way to finish her off.

This video is near tickling perfection. My lone criticism is that poor Violet has a few corns on her toes. Ms. Violet is so delightful and attractive that I can easily overlook that. I hope that she makes her way back to UK Tickling in the near future. Outstanding work!

Crazy-Ticklish Violet's First Time in the Stocks


True to Preview and description








Image and sound quality



  • Stunningly beautiful ticklee
  • Full body tickling
  • Great tickler
  • Effective restraints
  • Nice laugh


  • Ticklee has a few corns on her toes

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