Asian Natalie is brutally tickled part 2

Asian Natalie is brutally tickled part 2


This video is the second part of Asian Natalie is brutally tickled by Lovely Laugh Tickling. In this clip, Natalie has been bound face up. She is blindfolded, gagged and has cuffs on her wrists, restraints near her elbows, saran wrap around her lower legs, and restraints on her ankles. Natalie is at the mercy of her tickler.  Fortunately, the male tickler takes pleasure in tickle torturing Natalie until she is exhausted. Natalie is ticklish from head to toe and the tickler continues his exploration of her ticklish spots. He starts with her exposed belly and sides. After some light tickling he picks up the intensity by assaulting her underarms and ribs.

Natalie really squirms and twists when the tickler attacks her ribs and what appears to be an area underneath her breasts. This appears to be her worst spot. As a bonus her shirt briefly rises up above her breasts and we get to briefly see her nipples. The tickler torments Natalie with his fingers, a feather and an electric toothbrush. When our tickler is feels like being extra cruel, he uses her underwear to trap the electric toothbrush against her ticklish thighs while he focuses on another area of her body.

After a thorough upper body and thigh tickling (more than 10 minutes), the tickler shifts to Natalie’s pretty feet. She laughs, giggles and squeels as the tickler uses his fingers, the electric tooth brush and feather on her feet. He seems to get the best response by using the electric toothbrush underneath her toes.  Again her reaction is not as great as when she was tickled on her upperbody. It’s actually less of a response than when she was facedown. I believe that she was simply exhausted. She continues to laugh but there isn’t much energy left in Natalie.

For the final two minutes, the tickler returns to her upper body. The tickler appears to use something like a Go-Pro camera in order to give us a 1st person point of view for these final minutes. Unfortunately, it’s a little too jerky for my tastes and we can’t see where the tickler’s hands are going. You see Natalie laughing but you can’t fully appreciate all of her squirming and reactions in this part of the video.

Overall, this is another great video. I liked the bondage in this video but enjoyed Natalie’s energy more in part I. I also enjoy the reactions while she was faced down with the soles up. She was tickled to exhaustion in this video and appeared worn out by the end this video.  Accordingly, her reactions weren’t as energetic towards the end of part II.


Asian Natalie is brutally tickled part 2


True to Preview and description


Image Quality







  • Genuinely ticklish ticklee
  • Nice bondage and restraints
  • Fantastic upper body and side tickling


  • French language spoken without subtitles
  • POV was a little jerky towards the end

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