Asian Natalie is brutally tickled part 1

Asian Natalie is brutally tickled part 1


This is a high quality tickling video. First of all, Asian Natalie is a wonderful ticklee. She is ticklish from head to toe and our male tickler is savy enough to explore spots from her ears, neck, armpits, sides, back of her thighs and feet in this video. She giggles, laughs, squeels and squirms from genuinely ticklish sensations throughout the video. It appears that her armpits may be her most ticklish area followed by her feet. She is bound face down on a massage table in this video with an array of restraints including wrist and ankle cuffs, saran wrap around her upper thighs and lower legs and additional restraints just above her elbows. Natalie is able to shift and dance throughout the video but is unable to escape.

I love how her tries to protect herself from the tickling by shifting her weight on armpit or side and simply exposes her other armpit or side for more tickling. The tickler begins by exploring her ticklish upper body with his fingers and some light tickling. About 1 minute and 30 seconds into the video, things get much more intense for Natalie when the tickler straddles her waist and tickles her armpits more agressively. An electric toothbrush and feather used on armpits, neck and ears elicit some of the best reactions from Natalie in this video.

Shortly after the 6 minute mark, the tickler shifts his attention to Natalie’s pretty bound feet. Here Lovely Laugh Tickling uses two cameras with a picture in picture technique. One camera focuses on Natalie’s bound soles and the other camera captures her face’s reactions to the tickling. The tickler starts by tickling her feet with his fingers and then uses several tools including an electric toothbrush, hair brush, a feather, oil, nibbling and some sort of massage sponge.

The electric toothbrush underneath her toes seems to be effective. The hair brush after the oil is applied appears to produce the best responses. Natalie shifts her feet and tries to place one sole over the other in order to protect herself from the tickling. I love how the tickler makes her do this futile dance. Towards the end of the video, the tickler discovers a ticklish area near the sides of her heels and this appears to be almost too much for Natalie.


Overall this is a solid tickling video. Natalie is genuinely ticklish all over. She is not an explosive laughter and her feet aren’t quite as ticklish as her armpits. My personal preference is to see models that are more ticklish on their feet when compared to their upper bodies. However, Natalie is so ticklish everywhere that this video is a delight. I really like the quality of the cameras used and video quality.
I also love how Natalie hopelessly shifts about trying to avoid the tickling. The picture within picture part during the foot tickling is an added bonus. The only negatives for me in this video are that the model and the tickler speak French and there are no English subtitles. Also I could not fully appreciate the level of Natalie’s exhaustion like the sweat that was described in the video description. Those are the only things that keep me from giving this video a perfect score.

Asian Natalie is brutally tickled part 1


True to Preview and description


Image Quality







  • Genuinely ticklish ticklee
  • Excellent camera angles with great close ups of Natalie's lovely soles
  • Intense tickling techniques


  • French language spoken without subtitles

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